Where In The World Is Chess Master Bobby Fischer?

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio, Saturday, February 10, 1996 - Page 3

Where In The World Is Chess Master Bobby Fischer?
Budapest, Hungary — Anyone seriously looking for Bobby Fischer should be able to spot the American chess master in Hungary's capital.
Talking to him is another matter. These days, the still-reclusive Mr. Fischer, 52, reportedly demands $100,000 for an interview.
Mr. Fischer is believed to live in downtown Budapest, not far from the Astoria Hotel, said Pal Benko, a Hungarian chess master who has spent time with the American.
The former U.S. chess Wunderkind apparently has been living here since 1992, when he emerged from 20 years of self-imposed isolation to play a rematch in Serbia against arch-foe Boris Spassky.
The lure that finally brought the slippery Mr. Fischer back to the surface: a $3 million prize.
The September 1992 rematch and fat prize brought down the wrath of the U.S. government, which indicted Mr. Fischer three months after his victory over Mr. Spassky on charges of violating U.N. economic sanctions against Yugoslavia.
Belgrade was hit with sanctions for supporting Bosnian Serbs in their battle against separatist Muslims and Croats.
Unable to return to the United States without facing heavy fines — including the confiscation of his 1992 $3 million prize — Mr. Fischer is working on projects here.

Where In The World Is Chess Master Bobby Fischer?
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